The true crime adventure depicted in my book, Paying for the Past, has been life changing. The aftermath took over a decade to go through the courts. A diary kept at the time, along with media and public interest, inspired me to write the book.

My writing background includes a creative writing course with The London School of Journalism, articles in peer reviewed journals and three completed novels: The Sand Hide, Cold Friends and The Prisoner of Brenda Brown.

The beautiful village of Steyning is where I live with my wife Carol, a retired acupuncturist who is now a sculptor. We have four children - from our two marriages - and five grandchildren. We have walked some of the greatest treks in the world, including; The Inca Trail in Peru, The Amazon Basin, The Grand Canyon and the Great Wall of China.

Born in South Wales in 1941, one of six children, we moved to London when I was seven. I left school at fourteen and had more than a dozen jobs before establishing my building and shopfitting company in the 1960's (including cinema projectionist, photographers assistant, milkman, timber porter, soap maker handbag maker and many others). One of my most exciting jobs was as motor racing promotions manager for the, now infamous, Southern Organs Company. I completed my secondary education (O and A levels) at forty and received a first class honours degree in osteopathic medicine in 2000.

Over my teenage years, I grew up with folk music, skiffle, The Beatles and rock and roll. The Dices, my first band was formed around 1956. Early gigs were in pubs, clubs and dance halls.  I also sang as Jeff Prince for a very brief time and enjoyed playing the Shepherds Bush and Chiswick Empires, including some Saturday morning 'pop' concerts. 78rpm and 45rpm demo records were recorded at John Hassel Studios in London. Then came my good fortune to be asked to sing for Peter and The Wolves, a band with which I spent some of the happiest of times.

I love to paint, write, walk and eat out with friends. Art, books and travel feature highly in my life with Carol.